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Getting Started

Nothing communicates the nature of a business or attract the attention of potential customers like a sign. It’s estimated that 40% of residential home buyers are attracted by the entrance sign.

Your sign is a lasting investment in your business and possible your most valuable marketing tool. Our design, quality and experience will help maximize the power of that investment.

Keep in mind that the process of creating a sign from design through installation is lengthy, so plan ahead and order early. Also be advised that many municipalities have ordinances regulating sign size and type and may require a permit to install a sign. It’s a good idea to make a phone call before investing in a sign that may not be allowed.


  • Location – busy street with lots of lighted signs or are you in a “walking” area? Historic neighborhood or eclectic downtown?
  • Who is your potential customer? – Will you attract them with big and glitzy or quietly sedate?
  • What do you like? – What’s your favorite color or decorating style? If your don’t like your sign, it’ll make you cross every time you look at it!
  • Needs – Do you need a co-coordinated package for a business park, traffic directionals, posts, or simply a sign face to announce your home or store front?
  • Budget – many factors add to the cost of a sign, a bigger sign will always (almost always) be more expensive but will also have greater visibility.