Work in Progress

Thrive Acupuncture 1

Thrive Acupuncture 2

Thrive Acupuncture 3

Thrive Acupuncture 4

Thrive Acupuncture

Thrive Acupuncture is a carved 23kt gold leaf sign with cut out logo & back panel applied to sign

St. Paul’s 1

St. Paul’s 2

St. Paul’s 3

St. Paul’s 4

St Paul’s 15

UCC Sign has Cut Out Prizm Letters & Applied Logo Plaque (SEE WORK IN PROGRESS)

Sun Rise 1

Sun Rise 2

Sun Rise 3

Sun Rise

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 1

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 2

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 3

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 4

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 5

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

The Preserve at Deer Crossing 1

The Preserve at Deer Crossing 2

The Preserve at Deer Crossing 3

The Preserve at Deer Crossing 4

The Preserve at Deer Crossing 5

The Preserve at Deer Crossing 6

The Preserve at Deer Crossing 7

The Preserve at Deer Crossing

State Farm Gold Leafing

State Farm Cutout Letters

State Farm Cutout Logo

State Farm Applied Letters & Logo

State Farm Crate to be shipped

Kuhns Corner Books Carving 1

Kuhns Corner Books Carving 2

Kuhns Corner Books Paint 3

Kuhns Corner Books Carving 4

Kuhns Corner Books Carving 5

Kuhns Corner Books 6

Pennsbury Abstract 1

Pennsbury Abstract 2

Pennsbury Abstract 3

Pennsbury Abstract Inc

Captains Cottage 1

Captains Cottage 2

Captains Cottage 3

Captains Cottage

Beverly Hall Cross 1

Beverly Hall Cross 2

Beverly Hall Cross 3

Beverly Hall Cross 4

Beverly Hall Cross 5

Beverly Hall Cross 6

Beverly Hall Cross 7

Beverly Hall Cross 8

Beverly Hall Cross 9

Beverly Hall Cross 10

Beverly Hall Cross 11

Beverly Hall Cross 12

Beverly Hall Cross 13

Beverly Hall Cross 14

Beverly Hall Cross 15

Beverly Hall Cross 16

Beverly Hall Cross 17

Church of Illumination Carving 1

Church of Illumination Carving 2

Church of Illumination Carving

Church of Illumination

Secrets Carving 1

Secrets Carving 2

Secrets Wall

Risoldi Law Offices 1

Risoldi Law Offices 2

Risoldi Law Offices 3

Risoldi Law Offices 4

Risoldi Law Offices

Fox Meadow Farm1

Fox Meadow Farm 3

Fox Meadow Farm 5

Fox Meadow Farm 6

Fox Meadow Farm 7

Fox Meadow Farm 9

Fox Meadow Farm 10

La Casetta

La Casetta 3

La Casetta 2

La Casetta 1

La Casetta Draft